Non-exec Board Member

Fractional EOS savvy board member for diversity and accountability


Building on our 2-Day planning workshop, our ongoing Board Member services, will help you self-implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).We’re well-versed in EOS principles and crucially external to your business, so can offer an unbiased, outside perspective to your leadership team.

Our Process

We continually guide business owners to self-implement EOS to:

  • Align their vision, ensuring everyone is working towards common goals.
  • Structure the organisation effectively, placing the right people in key roles.
  • Establish robust data-driven decision-making processes and in identifying and resolving critical issues.
  • Identify and and manage core processes, fostering consistency and accountability. This strategic input and oversight drive disciplined execution, leading to sustained business growth and success.

This holistic approach leads to improved performance, health, and consistent output from a business…allowing business owners to succeed on their own terms.

Who Can Benefit

Our EOS board member service transforms businesses with structured guidance and EOS principles.

We align teams with the company's vision, so everyone pulls in the same direction. With a focus on making decisions grounded in real-world insights (not guesswork or feelings). By resolving organisational issues, through accountability and discipline our businesses have a healthier workplace with streamlined operations.

This service is Ideal for businesses who have plateaued or have growing pains and are seeking a proven success system, backed with ongoing, impartial guidance from a trusted partner.

Business Planning

Clarity for your business to thrive and succeed.

Finance Manager

Plug-in our outsourced finance team to manage your finances